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About the Group


Al Nahar Electronic Trading Company started its business activities in 1984. Al Nahar Electronics Trading is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. Since its inception, Company deals in quality products of consumer electronics and commercial kitchen equipments.

Under the guidance of professional leadership and untried efforts of its highly qualified management and hard working staff Al Nahar has emerged as a leading electronic trading company in UAE.

The first achievement of Al Nahar was to get the sole distribution rights of well-known brand “Lassele” from M/S Daeyong E & B Refrigerators and Freezer Co. Korea for G.C.C, Africa and Pakistan. This Company is also very well established in U.S.A and Canada.

By the Grace of Allah and with the help of its parent company “M/S Pokal International Limited Japan” Al Nahar successfully launched its own brand known as "Kodama" in 1999, which is registered both in Japan and U.A.E. Kodama brand covers all range of consumer electronic products like Air Conditioners, Color TVs, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Cooking Range, Gas Stoves, Vacuum cleaners, Washing Machines, and other house hold appliances.

Due to high quality products and good marketing strategies of Al Nahar management, customers have given very positive response to Kodama brand products which help company to enhance its business operations not only in various states of U.A.E but also globally.

Its been two decades since Al Nahar is serving its customers with full commitment and devotion in G.C.C, CIS, Africa, India, Pakistan and we promise to continue this practice through improved quality products at affordable prices.

Kodama Products, part of ANG has a mission statement that responds both to its own change and to new developments in the world:


  • Innovation and quality
  • Economic contribute to group
  • Pursuit to sustainable business


Each slogan represents significant moments in Kodama’s history, reflecting different stages of the company’s growth from a domestic into an international consumer electronics company.

We at Kodama transformed ourselves to keep pace with our growing global operations in Africa, subcontinent and Far East. The rapid change in the world economy and escalating competition from well-established rivals demand that we always stay well focussed.

We have devoted our resources to being superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.

The ANG & Kodama management philosophy represents our strong determination to compliment directly to the life style and prosperity of people. The talent, creativity and dedication of our people are key to our efforts, and the strides we’ve made in business offer endless possibilities to achieve higher standards of business everywhere.

At Kodama, we believe that the success of our contributions to society and to the mutual prosperity of people truly depends on how we manage our company. Our goal is to create the future with our customers.

The digital age has brought revolutionary opportunities and changes to global business. The ANG group has responded to these champ and is currently upgrading its business structure, management perspective, and corporate culture to meet global standards.

At Kodama we see every challenge as an opportunity and believe that we can be the leaders in the electronics and digital products. Our commitment to being in the lead has won us strong market share for our products. Our staff target is to be the first preference adding many more services to the existing one.

Always a step ahead, we are making advances in R & D of our overall services. An example of this is Kodama products, which remains one of the most sought after products in GCC and Africa.

Financially, Kodama is committed to being strong to be able to provide the R & D department with all that they need to ensure Kodama and ANG always stay one step ahead of the competition.

We are also actively promoting our brand value, a key engine of business growth. Kodama’s brand value increased significantly in the past year and was recognised by our customers as the leading and growing GCC brand.

Our success is achieving competitiveness is achieved through continuously improving financial structure and profitability, as we have and continuously do examine the structure of our own organization.

Our rating from financial institutions and customers has given the confidence boost for stability and growth potential, receiving its annually consecutive strong rating.

The pace of our development is reflected in our management philosophy “we will devote our resources to create superior services thereby contributing to better shopping experience with Kodama”. Kodama has started its management programme aimed to stay ahead of to economic growth and digital changes now engulfing the world especially the GCC. We expect to be the part of transformation of.